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Pearls have been used throughout history as an ancient beauty elixir in Egypt, Greece, and China, In Chinese medical literature, pearls are described as having properties which generate flesh. Dr. Anna's background in materials engineering led her to develop a method of activating pearls and reviving their muscle and skin toning abilities.

Dr. Anna's special formula is made from natural and organic ingredients with specially activated pearls in a base containing bioavailable vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Scientific analysis has been able to show that preparations from pearl contain 10 different types of amino acid proteins and several trace minerals that are extremely important in the rejuvenating process

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Dr. Anna L. Baker
Founder of Faces by Dr. Anna

Dr. Anna is a board Certified Doctor of Oriental Medicine. She came to traditional Chinese Medicine after a 14-year career as an aerospace engineer, and holds 21 U.S. Patents for space shuttle tile- type material. Her scientific background helps her explain to patients the mechanics of bio-energy in health and rejuvenation.

Dr. Anna has had a thriving acupuncture practice in Sarasota, Florida for over 10 years. She specializes in muscle tightening acupuncture face and neck-lift. Pearl Cream is her latest contribution to her mission to bring ancient Asian rejuvenation methods to the modern world.


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